Are you thirsty for escape? Adventure? Exploring an unknown land full of mysteries and dangers does not scare you?
Then we might have the perfect opportunity for you ...

Incarna is a brand new concept of collaborative adventure. It is rooted in virtual reality experiences, role playing and escapes games.
For groups of 3 to 4 players, it represents the new generation of leisure with friends.

• An Immersive Adventure •

Your baptism of fire as an explorer will plunge you into the heart of a universe of which you are the hero! Learn more

• Accessible Virtual Reality •

This is your first dive into the mysterious world of Incarna and virtual reality? No problem ! Learn more

• Collaborative Experience •

Only teamwork will allow you to overcome the dangers and riddles that await you ... Learn more

• A dreamlike universe •

Discover the story of Incarna, meet its inhabitants and learn how to survive its many dangers! Learn more

• The "Plus" Alternate Reality •

Incarna may put your ingenuity to the test even before the beginning of your journey ... Learn more

  • Episode 1 - The Training

    Episode 1 - The Training

    Another dimension exists and Incarna is actively seeking explorers of a new kind, ready to accept the unthinkable. You have answered our call and you are about to be tested at one of our assessment centers. If you succeed in this event, you will be led to explore a new land that reveals us every day new spaces and strange forms of life ...