"The immersion is total. Congratulations to Incarna because the result is exceptional!"

- Julien -

"The universe is very beautiful and well thought out. We all loved it. We will come back!"

- Viviane -

"The grip is very intuitive, moving fluidly and without nausea!"

- Johan -

An unknown dimension has just been discovered ... And it is only accessible via virtual reality!

Are you thirsty for escape? Adventure? Exploring an unknown land full of mysteries and dangers does not scare you? Then we might have the perfect opportunity for you!

Incarna is a brand new concept of collaborative adventure that has its roots in virtual reality experiences, role playing and escape games. Intended for groups of 3 to 4 players, it represents the new generation of leisure with friends.

An Immersive Adventure

Incarna is an experience that will immerse you in the heart of a dream universe of which you and your friends are the heroes!

Make an appointment at one of our centers, come join us on site and let us equip you with our virtual reality equipment. You will then be projected into a strange and mysterious dimension prepared especially to evaluate your skills and determine if you have what it takes to become an explorer!

This baptism of fire will not be easy, but it will be only the first step of an epic adventure rich in twists and turns. Each new episode of Incarna will take you deeper into his universe, discovering its strange inhabitants, its astonishing story and its troubling mysteries ...

Accessible Virtual Reality

This is your first dive into the mysterious world of Incarna and virtual reality? No problem !

No prior experience is necessary. We train new explorers and our systems are very easy to handle.

In a very short time, you will find yourself moving and acting in virtual reality even more easily than in real life!

Collaborative Experience

To face the dangers that will stand in front of you, your ingenuity and your address will not be your only assets ... Indeed, the work of explorer is above all a team work!

Mutual help and collaboration will be the keys to your success. Your friends and you will have to learn to think and act together if you hope to triumph!

But in victory or defeat, your group of explorers will be bound forever by the memory of an epic adventure!

A dreamlike universe

The universe of Incarna is a world apart, worthy of the dreams and ambitions of the greatest explorers.

Throughout your adventures, you will discover the richness and the depth of its history, you meet its strange and endearing inhabitants, and you learn - or not! - to survive its many dangers.

One thing is certain: this universe will not remain insensitive to your presence and you will have to make your choices wisely to help it move in the right direction!

The "Plus" Alternate Reality

Exploring an unknown world is a complex and dangerous task ... It can not be entrusted to anyone!

Incarna could well put the ingenuity of your group of explorers to the test even before the beginning of your journey...

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